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Personally, I try to approach it like I’m stranded in a desert and I find an ice cream cone, at first I’m a little cautious and usually just lightly skim across the ice cream because I don’t trust it, might be sand, I don’t know, repeat for a while, I then go for the big lick because I realise it is in fact ice cream, it starts to melt, I’m in a desert remember, stick with the story, gotta lick the sides and all around it, don’t wanna lose any, there’s a little on my hands, better lick that too then get my fingers near the bottom for a good grip, at this point I’ve already licked up all the ice cream on the top, but I know there’s more deeper, but the damn cone’s in the way, so I’ve gotta nibble at the sides, sorta biting a little because it’s so damp and soft at this point, so I don’t have to bite hard, sometimes I do though, depending on the cone really.
I’ve now realised the ice cream’s getting everywhere so fuck, this might be the last ice cream cone I get for a while, basically just go absolutely nuts, if you don’t get every last corner of the ice cream, you might die, this all survival kids, remember.
The ice cream cone is expended and the remains of the waffle cone are damp and exhausted, but you did it, you successfully satisfied your hunger for ice cream.

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