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Working for other people to get money is not really freedom, though, not even financially. Other people decide for you there, for most people, work isn't fun (on the contrary), and often, it's also dangerous. Financial freedom lies in having the means to support yourself (and people you care about), not in having the "freedom" to choose between serving someone else and dying in a ditch.

I don't see how even bad parenting and evil jewish education (why are you a antisemite, as well?) is especially concerned with short term pleasantries. my school and parents are obsessed with me having a job and education, they go against my trying to lead a pleasing life, in the short or long term. And that's, like, a pretty universal experience.

So, sorry, i really don't see it. How did you get these ideas? i'm genuinely curious.

The freer the people are to move, the less smuggling and human traficking is there. Only where the freedom of movement is limited it becomes possible for there to be such things. If you don't want to see people who aren't like you, there is the privacy of your home you may peruse as much as you like. Apart from that, nobody has a right to not want other people in public places.

Hypothetical futures are kind of irrelevant in a world where the likely future for most people who abort is not being able to care for the child, most simply being too poor to raise it. So you abort one potential life for one actual, real life that exists right now. i don't see how the irreal, non-existant life is more important than that.

You think the jewish alien illuminati made up trans people? Cause, well, i don't know, that whole dysphoria thing feels pretty real to me. Being trans, meanwhile, made my social life amazing, being able to be myself actually has a positive impact on my conversations with people (who knew!). Me being more able to open up causes others to be more able to open up.
I'll gladly turn your children gay if it makes them more whole and more happy.

What is right for you is very fucking miserable to me, i'm sorry to say. It's just a lot of rigidity, comforming to what others say, take control over people instead of letting them decide for themselves... That's not liberty for anyone. You want people to belong to other people. That's serfdom.

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